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Businesses & individuals

If you're an Australian business owner, individual, industry association or not for profit interested in business, the Australian Government wants to find out what you think about policies and regulations that may affect you or your business.

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Government agencies

If you're an Australian Government department or agency, you can use this site to consult with businesses and individuals about business-related policy and regulation.

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  • WTI 2019/D1
    Draft Goods and Services Tax: Waiver of Tax Invoice Requirement (Corporate Card Statements) Determination 2019
  • Safeguard Mechanism Rule
    You are invited to comment on the proposed amendments to the Safeguard Mechanism that would provide business with sufficient time to consider the first tranche of proposed prescribed production variables and default emissions intensity values.
  • Margining and Risk Mitigation for Non-Centrally Cleared Derivatives
    You are invited to comment on the proposed revisions to the phase-in implementation timeline for initial margin requirements, substituted compliance and other minor amendments.

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