About Business Consultation

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The Business Consultation website gives you as a business, individual, industry association or not for profit more opportunities to be consulted about government policies and regulations that may affect you or your business.

The website also allows you to register to receive notifications of new public consultations that are posted to the site by government agencies.

Why a Business Consultation website?

The report Rethinking Regulation External site (Report of the Taskforce on Reducing Regulatory Burdens on Business) recommended a website be developed to improve consultation between business and government.

The Australian Government saw the benefit in providing a consultation site that would help reduce the regulatory burden on Australian business and agreed to its development.

Your feedback

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The Business Consultation website provides departments and agencies with an opportunity to consult with a wider and more diverse audience. It allows you to speak directly to people who are willing to be consulted on business-related policy and regulation. By consulting early in the policy development process, your department or agency can deliver better outcomes for government and business.

Businesses, individuals, industry associations and not for profits can register to have their details supplied to you when a consultation request is made, or be notified by email when relevant public consultations are posted on this website.

What is consultation?

The Business Consultation website is only for consulting about business-related policy or regulation. This site can not be used to seek views about marketing-related products or to conduct surveys.

Contact us if you would like a copy of our website policy.

What types of consultation are available?

You can use the Business Consultation website to conduct public or direct consultations.

A public consultation is a consultation that is available for anyone with an interest to view or submit a response.

A direct consultation is a consultation that is private and sent to selected registered businesses and individuals.

What is the consultation process?

When registering as an agency on the Business Consultation website, the following rules will be strictly enforced:

  • Details of registered businesses and individuals will only be provided to you for the purpose of consultation on business-related regulation and policy development.
  • You can use the supplied data once only and must not supply the data to any other entity.
  • The data provided cannot be used for any other purpose.

Once your public consultation request is sent to the Business Consultation website, we will:

  • Post the details of your public consultation on our homepage and Public consultations page.
  • Send a notification email advising of your public consultation to businesses and individuals who have registered an interest in your policy area.

Once your direct consultation request is sent to the Business Consultation website, we will:

  • Send you a list of registered members whose criteria matches your request for direct consultations.

Communication with the list of registered individuals supplied by the Business Consultation website is your responsibility. Any further information you may require from businesses and individuals should be requested from them directly.

What are the consultation principles?

As a consulting department or agency you should be aware of the Office of Best Practice Regulation's (OBPR) The Australian Government Guide to Regulation . The Guide details the Australian Government's best practice regulation requirements when developing regulation, and provides advice on how to comply. The Guide also contains the Australian Government's Ten principles for policy makers .

If you require further information about your requirements as an agency, contact the OBPR for further information.

Your feedback

We welcome any suggestions you may have to improve the site. Please contact us with your comments.